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6/12/11: See you at King Motorsport's Dyno Day 2011 on June 18! More info and pics of my exclusive shirt design are here.

5/3/2010: Added a wallpaper with a design I created for King Motorsports' third annual Dyno Day! This one features one of King's S2000 project cars. This is the first of a new set of designs I've been creating for King Motorsports. As a bonus, this wallpaper includes an Apple iPad version that works in both the landscape and portrait modes.

6/13/09: Completed the "Mugen Civic Type-RR Experiment Spec." One of my favorites so far! Carbon fiber facia and front fenders, w/ aluminum hood and other details.

3/8/09: Added a sharp wireframe illustration of the Mazda RX-8 (SE3P/FE33) to my Zazzle store and to the wallpapers page.

3/2/09: In a labor of love, I've gone through and added iPhone wallpapers for ALL of the cars. Whew!

2/23/09: Added a wallpaper of a 1986 Nissan 300ZX Z31 with body-colored trim, lowering kit, and hyper-blue headlights. This Z31 is also currently available in my Zazzle store on some merch.

1/6/07: TURISMO, adds a new design called "Fidelity" - check it out.

1/1/07: TURISMO, a new line of auto art designs is now live! The first design -- called "Stage 1" -- is available now.

12/19/06: Added a wallpaper of the yellow s2000 as tuned by J's Racing of Japan.

12/15/06: Added a 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR Edition wallpaper.

12/5/06: Added JDM Driver Badge products for Koleshiya.

Koleshiya JDM Driver Badge shirt

11/24/06: Added JDM Driver Badge products for Soshinoya.

Soshinoya JDM Driver Badge shirt

2005: Sorry kids! By request of Honda, Honda and Acura images are not available on shirts. But I still have nifty wallpapers you can enjoy!

JDM Honda Integra Type-R DC2 JDM Honda Mugen Civic Type-R EP3 Mini Cooper S
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR JDM Honda EG6 Gunmetal Gray with Mugen Rims JDM Honda Mugen Civic Hatch EK
Honda Civic CRX CR-X Nissan 350z Nissan S14 Sylvia 240sx

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