TOURISMO: Wearable Automotive Culture.
Stage 1
Welcome to TURISMO! You've found the home of original, wearable, tuner-inspired designs. Created by Portland artist Perry, each design lets your wardrobe say to the world, "dude, I'm into like cars and speak jdm and lowered my ride and stuff!" These designs are exclusive to this site, so rest assured you'll have the bragging rights for hard-to-find shirts at your next club meet.

2007.01.01: TURISMO launches with STAGE 1, the first of many crisp, vector designs to come.

2007.01.06: TURISMO introduces FIDELITY, an homage to the do-it-yourself speaker installs of the '90s. You know, back when cars didn't have stereos that were integrated with everything from the dome lights to the trunk release. This is the classic setup: component fronts, dual amps and subs, and 6x9 rears. And a fifth-gen iPod thrown in for good measure.

These unique shirts are available in multiple sizes and colors, on all types of men's and women's shirts. The shirts ship worldwide directly from, which has a great 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy TURISMO shirts with confidence.
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